Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm alive, I swear!

Well, it's been a while since my last entry, which for the couple followers I do have, I'm sorry for! Life has gotten in the way and I know that if nothing else I need to just put some words on the screen and slowly build my blog. So, here I go. The plan is to post once a week, for now, while I get the feel for it and then more often as I go. I have so many things I'm addicted to right now - mainly Pinterest, which I have 30 boards and over 450 pins. Check it out if it (P)interests you!! I love finding new things, dreaming of what my house might look like some day and so on.

I've been keeping a list of books that I've read, both e-book and physical book to see how many I read in a year. I've got quite the list going, and an even BIGGER wish list on Amazon. (I should own stock!) I need to start reviewing my favorites, but for now, I'll keep an updated list as often as possible with links to the books. I can attribute most of these fabulous finds the one and only Maryse, who I can only hope to one day meet her level of blogging. I found her site and I've been hooked ever since. She doesn't mess around and she certainly knows her stuff!

My biggest thing I need to seriously crack down on is my workout schedule, which although I own a gym membership, the schedule is currently non-existent! And I'm telling you that as someone who used to go faithfully, I miss it and I had a different level of energy everyday than I do now that I've completely abandoned the routine for about a year now. So my other challenge, beside this blog, is to get my butt to the gym and actually put my money to good use.

The last thing I leave you with is my current obsession thanks to a marathon of the Fast & Furious movies this weekend...

You're. Welcome.