Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What Makes You Think I Do This For You?!

It started as a simple discussion... But then doesn't everything?

My roommate -- let's call her Tina (she'll love that!) -- and I during our nightly chat, got onto the topic of makeup: picking it out, putting it on, deciding what colors you want to use simply because that's how you felt that day. I asked if she had seen the videos that model Cassandra, better known as DiamondsAndHeels14, posts to YouTube. In case you aren't familiar with her and her many instructional videos, she talks about everything from applying eye shadow to teeth whitening and her most notable, revealing what her skin looks like under the flawlessly applied foundation. Immediately, Tina went to the site to check out what she somehow missed... I swear she doesn't live in a closet... [In case you live in a closet, check out Cassandra's YouTube.]

It was then that we started talking about guys and makeup. Why do we apply makeup? What do guys think of it? Is too much not attractive? Do most like the "au natural" look? After a lot of back and forth, I made a discovery. I LOVE applying makeup. I watch videos and get inspired. I walk through Sephora and outfits go through my mind when I see certain color palettes. It's actually the one artistic thing that I think I'm pretty good at.

The act of laying out the makeup and grouping them into their own categories, like "face", "eyes" and "lips" allows me to visualize the look I'm going for. Picking the brushes I like to use and the colors I want to wear that day all add to the fun I have when I start my routine! If I haven't really applied "fancy" makeup in a few days, that want to experiment with colors and shades becomes stronger.

My realization in all of this is this: I don't do it for the guy. I don't apply all different makeup because he might think I look good. I'm hoping I look good, but if he doesn't like what he sees, then he can keep movin'! I apply makeup for me. I look forward to the end product, like when you finish a project. I like to accentuate my good features and help along the not so good ones. But ultimately, I do it so that when I look in the mirror, I feel good; that I like what's looking back at me. There's a sense of accomplishment. Most importantly, I find it fun. And if I'm that happy and that confident in how I look, then I'm pretty sure that's what people will see.

So, in the future, when you're deciding what to wear, how to rock your makeup and look your best  - do what feels right. Make sure you like what you see. And if someone has a problem with it, then you have my sole permission to ask them, "What makes you think this is for you?"